What a QLICIOUS Affair!


Valerie at QLICIOUS 2014

Valerie Gay delivers a showstopping rendition of SONG SHE SANG.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make 2014’s QLICIOUS Qarnival and Q Awards a big success. Nearly 200 passionate supporters gathered through the cold winter weather to celebrate with us, demonstrating their passion for art, justice, and equitable communities. After honoring our five awesome awardees, QLICIOUS became a full on celebration. With great games, rockin’ performances, make-your-own-mask stations, and dishes stacked high with desserts, QLICIOUS blazed on into the night.

Big thank you to our guests; our volunteers, artists, and performers, board and staff–
Peter Appelbaum, Emily Belshaw, Jessie Bennett, Megan Bogert, Joanne Buda, Luke Butler, Miles Butler, Niyanna Chamberlin, Brianna Cottrell, Annie Daley, Davia Dally, Else Eaton, Noelle Egan, Kate Farquhar, Sherman Fleming, Diane Foglizzo, Caleb Fortwangler, Angela Francis, Maureen Freeman, Michelle Freeman, Valerie Gay, Joanna Grim, Robin Hernandez, Joshua James Herren, Olivia Hoidra, TJ Hurley, Gretchen Elise Iverson, Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela, Christianne Kapps, Brandon Krakowsky, Noah Levine, Naeemah Maddox, Erixa Mandell, Ric Martino, Maura McKenna, Ky Mettler, Pete Michener, Alan Nielsen, Anam Owili Eger, Caitlin Peck, Jessica Rossi, Rude Mechanical Orchestra, Emily Sanchez, Devan Spear, Sean Stoops, Amber Tran, Chloe Tucker, Jennifer Turnbull, Luke Walker, and Julie Woodard,
–and everyone else who contributed, we offer our deepest thanks. We couldn’t have done it without you! See you next year!

Rude Mechanical Orchestra at QLICIOUS 2014

NYC’s Rude Mechanical Orchestra kept the crowd moving.


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