QLICIOUS – Awardee Spotlight – El Sawyer


Filmmaker, videographer, editor, and a community and youth media activist: El gets it. A teacher, a light, a leader: as Operations Director and Film Instructor of the Village of Arts and Humanities, El’s commitment to community is unwavering. An artist-activist in every sense, El makes sure people have the opportunity and skills to speak their truth, address injustice, and put their work on course as they envision the future. He listens to learn and his integrity of purpose shines through in all that he does. Whether in his classroom or behind the camera, El’s work is driven by a deep and abiding belief in the power of art and media to advance self-determination. His practice supports individuals’ capacity to write/right their lives even in the midst of the most difficult circumstances. El shows us all how its done—community for El is always the subject, never the object. El’s generosity, skill, intelligence, and commitment shine a light on the path ahead and call us all to renew our unflagging commitment to justice and the hard work it demands. If more of us could take inspiration from his steady course the world would be truly transformed.


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