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February 2011-A Special Valentine’s Day Treat from Spiral Q

Time for fun, time for play.
Support the Q in a loving way.
Send a heart or send a kiss,
And Spiral Q will get a lift…

Help spread the love this February by donating to Spiral Q! To show how much we love you, we’ll send a Valentine to your loved one, a family member, your best friend, an archenemy, or that Q-tie you’ve got your eye on! Your support will make sure that we can continue to provide crucial services to Philadelphia’s children and communities in this especially difficult year, including violence reduction projects at Bache-Martin School and South Philadelphia High School, and a community parade at Norris Square.

For every $10 you donate, we’ll send a handmade, screenprinted Valentine to the recipient of your choice—or, if you wish to personalize your Valentines and deliver them yourself, we can send them directly to you. The first printing of Valentines will be sent out on Wednesday, February 2. After Wednesday, each Valentine will be sent within one business day of the receipt of your donation, so donate now to get them in time for Valentine’s Day!


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