July 2010-Spiral Q Receives 2010 George Bartol Arts Education Award


Award Honors Artistic Excellence and Commitment to Community

Spiral Q Leads Grass-Roots Artmaking as a Vehicle for Social Change

Philadelphia, PA—The Stockton Rush Bartol Foundation announced that it has selected Spiral Q Puppet Theater as the 2010 recipient of the George Bartol Arts Education Award. As part of its annual grant review process, the Foundation designates one grantee to receive this additional award of $5,000 to further support its arts education programs. More information on the award and the Bartol Foundation is available at http://www.bartol.org

The George Bartol Arts Education Award was established in 2001 to recognize outstanding arts education programs by a non-profit cultural organization. Each year, a grant of $5,000 is made in memory of George Bartol, founder of the Stockton Rush Bartol Foundation, who believed that the key to a thriving arts community was an investment in arts education for its children. This year’s award is made possible through a gift from Mr. Bartol’s children.

The Award is given to an organization that provides sustained, meaningful exposure and participation in the arts; that demonstrates an active engagement in the lives of its students and community; and that maintains high artistic standards for its faculty and students.

Spiral Q is a community-based arts organization that mobilizes and empowers low-income communities to promote social change and justice. Through extended work in communities, Spiral Q brings together intergenerational and multicultural groups to articulate their most compelling stories and to animate these stories with large-scale puppets, parades, printmaking and pageants. Programs like Spiral Q’s annual Peoplehood event brings together these communities, culminating in a citywide parade and performance highlighting pressing neighborhood concerns.

“This $5,000 award is made to Spiral Q for its commitment to arts excellence and to the diverse communities it serves,” said Beth Feldman Brandt, Executive Director of the Stockton Rush Bartol Foundation. “Through its extended and rigorous educational programs, people learn the value of their story, uncover the assets of their community, and experience the power that comes from being an engaged citizen.”

“There is a long history of the arts being used as a tool to promote issues of social justice,” explained Tracy Broyles, Executive Director of Spiral Q. “This award recognizes not only Spiral Q but the power of the arts to galvanize people toward making social change a reality.”

The Stockton Rush Bartol Foundation, as the only local Foundation devoted solely to supporting local arts organizations, seeks to foster an environment where arts and culture can flourish. Created in 1984, the Foundation provides financial and technical support to non-profit arts and cultural organizations in Philadelphia. Through its grantmaking, the Foundation works to ensure a vibrant cultural life for all of its citizens through programs that use art as a catalyst for meaningful communication and connections, strengthening the social fabric of Philadelphia’s neighborhoods.


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