June 2010-Norris Square Parade and Celebration

Norris Square Parade & Celebration
Norris Square Park Diamond and Hancock Streets Friday, June 4th
Children’s Pageant at 4:30 PM
Parade at 5:30 PM
Open Mic Performances 6:30 to 8:30 PM

Join the Norris Square community and Spiral Q as we parade together in celebration of neighborhood leaders who helped make Norris Square a safer and more unified place! On Friday, June 4th, residents, students, civic leaders, faith-based groups, politicians, performance ensembles, and recovery groups will come together for a celebratory performance and parade to encourage an increased committment to safety and unity within the neighborhood.
Through song, dance, artwork and other performances, students from Hunter School, McKinley Elementary School, and Kensington CAPA will commemorate community leaders who worked to beautify the neighborhood and bring residents together. Among those honored are Rosemary Cubas, Rafael Feliciano, Tomasita Romero, Pat DeCarlo, Stanley Sautner, Iris Brown, Reverend William Gage and Sister Carol Ceck.

The artwork and symbols created for the parade and celebration were inspired by a series of community dialogues during which residents related that the community is safest when all generations are connected to each other. We hope to see you on Friday at this beautiful multigenerational expression of hope and pride for the Norris Square community!


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